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Organisation in Living Things

Organ Systems

Reaction of Metals with Acid

Acid Base Reactions

Rotational Transformations

Bisecting Lines

Magnetic Fields

Calculating Moments

Don’t let inertia rule. Let skoool™ put some momentum into your learning and enjoy the force that comes from studying Physics.

Physics is a subject with a special magnetism. It looks at the world and helps us understand how things work. And you don't need to be a certified genius to understand it!



1. Comets

Explains comets and how they are accelerated by sun


2. Extra Terrestrial Life

Explains the idea of Extra Terrestrial Life and discusses the search for it and the impact it may have on life.



3. Gravity

Explains gravity as a concept, materialising in our solar systems gravity. Talks about why the earth orbits the sun. Explains newtons orbit theory and talks about the sizes of orbits and times.



4. Planets, Galaxies and Orbits

Explains planet activity alongside galaxies and our solar system, Covers the details of planets and their orbits as well as orbit sizes. Finished with progress question.

ดาวต่างๆ กาแล็กซี่ วิถีโคจร


5. Satellites

Explains what a satellite is and discusses the different speeds of satellites. Talks about and explains geostationary satellites. Includes a progress question.



6. Stars

Explains what a star is and the different types. Talks about stars in later life and then covers the different types of larger stars. Explains supernovas. Includes two progress questions on stars.



7. The Universe and its Origin

Talks about the origin of the universe and the theories behind the big bang. Talks about the redshift and other proofs for the big bang theory. Progress question.


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